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I had the worst internet experience ever at a company called IBOATS ( My boat was out of the water for repair and I wanted to add a boat leveler trim tab locator so I only had a limited time.

I checked around and iboats had a good price and showed on their website that 1 item was left in stock. I called on the phone and they confirmed that it was in-stock and they could ship it over-night that day (Wednesday). When it didn't arrive on Thursday, they claimed that the shipping address had to be verified and that it was shipped on Thursday and I should get it on Friday. I asked repeatedly for the tracking number and I kept getting a story promissing it was shipped but their "warehouse" had not called back with the tracking number.

Finally when it didn't show up on Friday, I got an e-mail from the apologizing that the item was on back-order. This is after being promissed it was in stock and it would ship, and being told by two other employees that it shipped. I canceled the order and will issue a cc chargeback to make sure I get the refund. So now I missed being able to install this.

I don't know what the purpose of all this lying was as they didn't get my business and now never will.

If they told me that it was back-ordered, even on Thursday I had other places I could have gotten this from.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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